SAI Flight Test

SAI FLIGHT TEST is a privately owned small business located at the Bob Sikes Airport in Crestview, Florida.  Established in 1980, we have provided our customers with more than thirty years of accident free flight test and flight test support. We are dedicated to providing highly capable support for the development of advanced aircraft and aircraft systems. We are a corporate member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots, Association of Old Crows, AOPA, Aircraft Electronics Associations and EAA.

We know that choosing the right aircraft for the mission is critical to success. We will provide your project with test aircraft that meet the needs of your program.

We maintain DD Form 2401 civil aircraft landing permits to facilitate operations into and out of selected military bases.

Our Capabilities

SAI Flight Test is focused on supporting the development of advanced aircraft systems. Our experience includes advanced aircraft avionics, fire control systems, integrated weapons systems, electronic combat systems, reconnaissance systems, special mission payloads, data links, radomes, and external system pods. We specialize in acquiring, modifying, and adapting special mission aircraft, aircraft systems, and external pods. We provide design, engineering, modification, systems integration, flight test and evaluation and technical support services. Our personnel are experts at obtaining FAA and military certifications.  We routinely develop Class 11 Modification Packages and obtain government clearances.

Our Core

  • Special Test Aircraft Support & Acquisition
  • Modification of aircraft for optimum system installation under severe time constraints
  • Engineering, design, and development experience with real time data link communications and electronic warfare pods, equipment, and components
  • Superior technical expertise in design, integration, operation and evaluation of airborne electronic sensor and electronic warfare packages
  • Strong Background in experimental flight test operations and evaluation of aircraft and systems
  • Specialized technical training in experimental test and evaluation of aircraft and airborne electronic systems

Flexibility and speed are two SAI trademarks which customers fully appreciate. We understand that advanced, integrated, airborne systems development in today's environment is a dynamic and ever changing process. Our customers want a company that can effectively and efficiently deal with programmatic changes. SAI meets this need. For over 30 years, we have consistently demonstrated the flexibility to accommodate ever changing program requirements in scope and schedule, as well as providing rapid reaction response to customer needs. Our reputation for excellence is built on doing exactly what the customer needs, when they need it.