SAI Flight Test


SAI Flight Test located in NW Florida recently relocated to our new state of art 31,000 square foot facility.  It includes 20,000 square feet of hangar space, engineering, fabrication, aircraft modification, maintenance, FAA certified repair station and secured office space to support our customers growing needs. SAI is located in the Crestview Technology Airpark (CTAP) adjacent to the Bob Sikes/Crestview Airport. Private access to Crestview’s 8,000 foot hard surface ILS equipped runway can support nearly every private, commercial or military aircraft.  From its Crestview base, SAI has supported test operations at every national test range with extensive experience on the Eglin Test Range, Nevada Test and Training Range, Utah Test and Training Range, China Lake and Edwards.  With SAI’s close proximity to Eglin land and water ranges many of our customers choose to use SAI's facility in preference to their own for payload integration.  SAI has all the necessary equipment and resources collocated with the aircraft to simplify this task. All of these considerations make SAI and Crestview a logical and cost effective choice for performing aircraft and systems modifications as well as basing flight test operations.